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The bye Laws of the Association Provide for the following objectives among others:
To promote and maintain Malayalam language and culture of Kerala society.
To associate and engage with other Malayali organisations based in Bangalore and India.
To organise programmes for the social, educational and cultural development of Malayalis settled in Bangalore.
To arrange programmes for the attainment of knowledge in educational, cultural and other related fields.
To strive for the social, economic and cultural upliftment of the members of the association and general public.
To encourage literary and artistic talents of the members.
To work towards promotion of mental, physical, moral and overall development of the members of the association and general public.
To publish and distribute books, periodicals etc on interesting subjects.
Other general social and cultural objectives.
Our Vision:
A progressive, self reliant and enlightened Malayali Community in Bangalore.
Our Mission:
Constant and dynamic endeavour towards the all-round development of the Malayali populace in Bangalore.
Our Organisational Policy:
Dignified and peaceful co-existence in the plural society of Bangalore.
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